The starting point of this design is the efficient use of lighting sources in the areas of interior direct lighting and art/plant lighting aesthetics. Illumination efficiency and adaptability is achieved through the exchange of various physical optics. Both high color rendering (CRI95) red/blue LED light and low blue LED light (CRI85) models are available. During art lighting, primary color performance can be achieved, while interior plant lighting not only offers lighting levels for optimal plant growth, but energy savings in the use of non-efficiency light sources.

Optics design is centered on quick and easy interchangeable optical modules that offer three beam angles (24°/40°/60°) for a range of different illumination areas. When compared to electric dimming functions, the use of low wattage interchangeable optical modules results in considerably more energy efficiency.

Exterior design features diamond shaped and semi-transparent polyhedron lampshade that comes in different colors. Lampshade design makes good use of inefficient light rays and its multicolor function allows it to better match—and complement—a wide range of interior environments and artistic settings.

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