Day and light
The product gives both TIME and Light.
During daytime, LEDs indicate hour and minute.
At night, the entire ring lights up. Control uses touch sensor along the shape on both sides, light brightens as the finger move upwards and dims inversely, which indicates the up and down of the sun. The base is also a charger and the ring can be detached as a mobile light, which provides more flexible usage.
The design reflects the Chinese philosophical understanding of heaven and earth: the circular, dynamic sky set against the square, serene earth. They also echo the Qian and Kun Diagrams of I Ching, which respectively signify motion and nourishing.
The implementation of CNC in raw material processing ensures the structural integrity and strength of the light ring. The timber removed from the center area neatly becomes the material to make pedestals, which makes the most use of material and cut cost.
A good product is emotionally connected with people, especially day and night company. With a “home” notion, the wooden surface gets more delicate and glimmering as a mark of the owner’s usage, which reveals the companionship that we would like to convey through this product.

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