The Csys LED table lamp from Dyson features unique heat pipe technology that functions as a cooling system, reliably cooling the LEDs. The appearance of the desk lamp is more reminiscent of a miniature construction crane than a light source. Its name stems from the abbreviation of the English word for coordinate system. Just like the mathematical aid, the work lamp has a horizontal X-axis and a vertical Y-axis. It is black and silver, dispenses with any unneeded embellishments and, even in its design, focuses on the essentials.

The Dyson work lamp brightens up every corner of your work surface

The Csys work lamp will win you over with its high level of functionality, as it can be moved vertically, horizontally and rotationally in order to illuminate every corner of the work surface. This means that the transverse axis of the crane is suspended so that it can be rotated about the longitudinal axis without any difficulty. Targeted light can be focused on different corners of a large work surface without any trouble. In addition, the transverse arm glides over three rollers, making it possible to shift the light focus from the front edge of the desk to the back edge. If you want the desk lamp to light up the entire work surface instead of distinct areas, it can be extended upwards at the longitudinal axis. This increases the size of the cone of light. As you probably imagined, the lamp also contains a sensor dimmer. To prevent any problems when adjusting the light, the base of the Csys is particularly heavy. Furthermore, there is a counterweight at the back end of the crane arm that also holds the table lamp in position.

Heat pipe technology protects desk lamp from overheating

The heat pipe technology specially developed by Jake Dyson ensures that the LEDs do not overheat. Integrated cooling tubes draw away the heat and ensure that the rotating arm stays at a pleasant temperature. An integrated heat sink additionally keeps the LEDs at a temperature conducive to operating. There are two advantages to this:

  1. You can touch the head of the lamp without burning your fingers even after it has been on for a long time. This means that you can adjust the lamp while working and point it to individual objects.
  2. Because the LEDs don’t overheat, they have a longer life. The UK manufacturer advertises a life span for the lamp of at least 144,000 hours. Operating for 12 hours daily, this corresponds to a life of 37 years.

Dyson places great emphasis on energy efficiency

Of course, Csys doesn’t use traditional bulbs for its unmatched lighting power. Instead, it only uses LEDs. A total of eight LEDs ensure that your workspace is bathed in a pleasant warm, white light. 2,700 kelvin ensures a shiny, bright, even light beam that never glares. The desk lamp has an A++ energy rating, also making it particularly energy saving.

Product features

  • Lamp type: table lamp
  • Adjustability: rotationally, vertically, height adjustable
  • Special feature: heat pipe technology
  • Light regulation: sensor dimmer
  • Life span: +37 years (144,000 hours)
  • Energy rating: A++
  • Size W: 52.7 cm, H: 65.3 cm, Ø (base): 17.7 cm
  • Light current: 490 lm
  • Light colour: warm white Extra 2,700 K
  • Lamp colour: silver and black
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