The special character of the LED lamp”Cee-Two-Table” is on the one hand the strictly minimal expression. Pure lines, cubes and materials give a strickly graphic impression. On the other hand it is a new dimension of getting closer to the essence of the product. You can´t see it, but after you get to know it, it will change the way you look at this lamp. Every lamp has a lineage and a lifestory. That means we document, amongst other things, where the tree was cut down, how old it was and sometimes who had planted it.We document all parts and who has handcrafted them. Our goal is to give a product more value by telling its story. Design description: The lamp has a two colored screen out of chintz. The dark areas of the screen a minimally translucent. The white area is translucent. The reflection area on the inside is fitted with a golden layer for a softer light. The light can be dimmed. The oakwood frame cuts through the screen and lets the light shine through. The screen can swing in its position so that it is “in water” every time. The used materials are mostly culled from nature. The atmosphere that this lamp creates could be called “festive and relaxed” /

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