The ATO desk lamp was drawn by famous French designer Patrick Jouin. What was really challenging was to create an extension of the human body, a thin and slender arm able to diffuse qualitative lighting adjustable to any constraints such as day moment, typology of work place, intensity of the lighting, orientation according to the user’s needs. It is visually simple thanks to its uncluttered style which reveals a high tech object. The head equipped with the latest LED technology also comes from an organic register and completes the impression of lightness of this lamp. This sheet of aluminium is a substitute for the usual radiator used in LED lamps as it absorbs with its specific shape the warmness of the light. A particular attention was made on the lighting quality and option choices to offer ATO’s user a performing and smart lighting as well as an ideal visual comfort with the following tools: tactile dimmer switch of the lighting intensity, memorization of the intensity setting, automatic cut off after 5 hours without use, optic diffusor so that it lightens a large surface on the desk (it avoids any possible contrasts and glare). The body is articulated and flexible.

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