Armando LED ™ : shows and hides the light at the same time.

Its name is Armando LED ™ and is the new table lamp designed by Daniele Varesano , a young designer from Bologna (Italy) who is passionate about product and light design.

The lampshade of Armando LED ™ softly wraps the LED lamp contained in its interior and offers the possibility to vary its light distribution through a simple gesture.
To enhance its delicacy , it was presented a special edition with the lampshade in natural untreated paper and a special LED bulb with low emission of heat that needs of only 4W.
The movement from the cylindrical shape (with an homogeneous diffusion of light) to that a truncated cone ( with directional light on the work surface ) occurs through the displacement of the lamp holder and the LED light source from the central holes to those present in the upper part of the lampshade.

Its essential shape enables it to fit perfectly in different environments , indifferently if these are public or residential ones.
The focus on the environment has been one of the starting concepts in the design of Armando LED™: the lampshade in recyclable paper, the use of LEDs with low power consumption and no heat loss , ease of assembly and disassembly (even at the end of product life ) and , last but not least , the packaging made from 100% recycled cardboard, make Armando LED ™ to became one of the most green product on market .

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