The ink and wash lamp is more than a lamp. It is the perfect blend of sustainable design and traditional Chinese culture. Made of wood remnants and resin, lamp panel is the epicenter,resembles a unique traditional Chinese ink painting.

African Blackwood is very rare and expensive wood that’s commonly used for high-end furniture and decorations. However, the veneer is abandoned or burned because of its irregularities, rotting, worm damages. We want to save them and turn into unique piece of art. Liquid resin compromises and complements wood pieces bearing different veins and shapes, just like yin and yan. The irregular wood remnants is now completed and rejuvenated with new life.

African Blackwood scraps come in different shapes, resembles strokes in Chinese calligraphy. The nude veneer and dark wood heart together with transparent resin, makes a vivid traditional ink painting of mountains, creek, floating cloud and a free spirit.

Chinese ink painting is expressive of a state of mind as well as natural landscape. Minimal, modern design, this lamp can be placed at home and at office, a scenery on the desk, depicting natural beauty and calling for good spirit.

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