Holi : bringing light into the digital era. Holi transforms all décors, connects to your music to create memorable moments and wakes you up gently.

Underneath its aluminum frame, Holi boasts cutting-edge hardware and 18 LED high-power lights which project dynamic, multidimensional and multicolored lighting. Once the app has been installed on an iPod, iPhone or iPad, Holi quickly connects via Bluetooth and is easy to use.

Holi has more than 50 exclusive themes, produced by professional light designers, to match every moment and mood. Alternatively, you can express your own creativity by designing your own theme. Stressful afternoon? Relax with “Inspiration”. Romantic dinner heating up? Not a problem with the “Mmmm” theme.

Holi can also make the light dance, giving real light shows which are perfectly synchronized with your music. Thanks to its unprecedented, patented technology, “Music for the eyes™”, an app which harmonizes light effects with the music.

Holi can imitate sunrise, gradually lighting up the room, beginning from 20 minutes before you want to get up, gently preparing your body for waking up.

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