*Mushroom light is an atmosphere light that can charge for mobile phone. Its design inspiration comes from the mushroom. It is made of natural log and traditional craft made glass aims to transfer quiet and warm to achieve a returning to natural feeling. *The mushroom light can be used when front or back side placed. When back side placed, it can charge for mobile phone.This idea was inspired by life’s details. Normally in order to charge for mobile phone, a USB cable need to be placed on the desk which is inaesthetic. The mushroom light has solved this problem by hiding the USB cable inside its internal. Meanwhile this mushroom light is portable and can charge everywhere as it has power bank function built in inside. *Nowadays people are more and more inseparable from the mobile phones. The technology gradually replace the interpersonal communication. This mushroom light attempt to advocate the people to place aside the mobile phone to find those warmth we have ignored.

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