A Self-Illuminating modern boy
Destined to live an uncertain tomorrows, the modern people have to find an answer to the uncertainty in themselves. When one will be able to illuminate themselves with free will, he finds a value in his life. The energy that moves our society is certainly self-illuminating modern boys, that is, the real protagonist of our time.

Product characteristics
Product is a ceramic lighting which is designed by embodying the unique image of modern people. It can be easily changed with different shape of bulbs when bulb life has ends. It is a permanent product which can be used for various purposes like pencil vase and flower vase in addition to illumination.

Design concept
modern boy implies a true hero in these times as a symbolic icon of modern people who silently work their jobs in the place and make effort to get the idea and inspiration.

Architectural characteristics
A simple upper and lower body appearance and a structure which is solidly fixed by combining the incandescent light, socket structure and bulb over the head.
Electric wires of the dimmer are designed to fall out to the back of the product and the wire handling is neat.

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