The new Lumix Deco Glass Collection is characterized by three high-quality mouth-blown glasses of different shapes with real leather straps and a wooden cover made of bamboo. The glasses are bright solar lanterns and perfect for any kind of decoration. Integrated in the lid is a solar panel with 4 bright LEDs to illuminate the glass. The combination of high-quality materials and precise craftsmanship is the basis for noble individual deco purposes throughout the year. The collection consists of three sizes: the smallest version is called “Basic” with 23,5cm height and 15cm diameter, the middle glass is called “Long” with the same diameter and a slim height of 34cm and the 3rd Lumix Deco Glass is named “Bold” with a vase-shaped glass body, with a maximum diameter of 22cm and a total height of 39cm. The entire collection offers plenty of scope for a wide variety of uses and decoration ideas.

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