Mickey Magic Lamp is a product that created by InfoThink and Disney’s cooperation. The designer took the classic element of Mickey and transformed into the warmest lamp. Concise appearance with rechargeable battery inside, and its separation design of lighting part and lampshade provides both elegant and interesting atmosphere for different environment display
There is an invisible touching panel between Mickey’s two ears which can control the power on/off and brightness. In addition, using the App can make 16 million colors change with simply your finger sliding. However, Mickey Magic Lamp can be applied to many different environments as below:
Scenario One: Except for being a night lamp, it’s much safer that children can easily take out the lighting part when go to the toilet during night time.
Scenario Two: It’s practical and interesting when people go camping and use it in the tent for chatting and singing.
Scenario Three: Lampshade can be a small container to place children’s candies and toys
Scenario Four : If the car breaks down at night, the lighting part can be used for illumination of fixing or warning the cars behind for emergency.

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