Philips Hue Go is an innovative, portable light source that is so versatile that it can be positioned, controlled and used in multiple ways to light any moment, anywhere in the home. Place it against a wall to enhance a space, use it as a center piece to add ambience or even as direct lighting for focus. Controllable through the product itself as well as through a smart device, Philips Hue Go has all the features of Philips Hue with added new dynamic light effects such as cozy candle and enchanted forest, offering new and immersive ways to transform every room inside and outside of the home. The latest addition to the expanding Philips Hue ecosystem, Philips Hue Go takes good design up another level – the thick walled spherical body expresses solidity and material richness, while its translucent design gives the impression of pure light without clutter. Philips Hue Go is a light monolith that can tilt, adapt, fill and wash walls with light, all at the tap of a fingertip.

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