D’LIGHT -a compound word of “donative” and “light”- is a kinetic lighting, which has a transformable lampshade made with a flexible honeycomb structure. By simply rotating the small handles attached on the lampshade, users can easily change its shape into diverse styles.
D’LIGHT is noticeable in terms of its functionality and symbolism. Firstly, the intensity and direction of light, changes as the lampshade transforms its shape. Therefore, the users can easily adjust the lampshade to make appropriate moods for the environment they are in. D’LIGHT also represents the symbolic meaning of sharing and love. As D’LIGHT changes its conventional lampshade shape to a heart shape, the surroundings get brighter, which metaphorically expresses that love brightens the world by sharing.
D’LIGHT has been designed as the 5th product for the “Nanum Project”. The “Nanum Project” is a donation project that is funded through new product developments. D’LIGHT was designed and produced solely for the purpose of sharing. Until now, all the profits (approx. 1.7M USD) from the sales of the “Nanum” products have been donated as children’s education scholarships to low-income families with in South Korea.

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