When we think of wood, we think of a rigid, strong material. The wood veneer lamp shows that a traditionally inflexible material can be shaped to create an elegant flowing design. This demonstrates that using creativity we can break traditional norms and change the way we think about things. Art is about unlimited creation. This concept can be seen in the design through the flowing form of the wood which is reminiscent of the symbol for infinity – the sideways ‘8’. The lamps are made of recycled wood sourced from factory off-cuts. A special process is used that took many attempts of trial and error to perfect. The sheets of wood are brittle, so they are first reenforced with paper. The front of the wood is then brushed with metal to emphasise the grain. Finally they are coated with an environmentally friendly lacquer to preserve and strengthen the wood. As the wood is recycled, this means each lamp unique. When light shines through the wood the pattern of grain is illuminated creating a beautiful, natural feel. Each lamp creating a different effect. Depending on where you stand around the lamp, the effect inspires a different image, limited only by your imagination.

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