Graceful, light and elegant – that‘s the ViVAA. Its seamless luminaire design in polished stainless steel captivates and bathes corridors, reception and waiting areas in a pleasant, bright light. It is very slim and appears to fly. Thanks to its high luminous flux output up to 11`000lm it is a very economic luminaire as less lights are required. The high indirect-light component, its unique LED module and a special anti-glare technology ensure that lighting is homogeneous and glare-free. Even narrow corridors or small appear in a comfortable light. The name stands for living light, which has a natural influence on the human organism. The light management system VISUAL TIMING LIGHT (VTL) from Derungs replicates natural daylight- from sunrise until sunset and night. The cold tone light activates and stimulates while the warm tone light relaxes and supports rest periods. So the internal biological clocks will be re-synchronised daily. So the day/night cycle gets back to balance. Especially people suffering from sleep disorders, chronic fatigue and depression; but also people suffering from dementia or people who are not able to enjoy enough natural daylight will benefit.

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