Light as a feather

The VITA eos is made from waste-products from the geese-food production, boiled, dyed, re-washed and dried to provide a perfect tranquil light in any room of your choosing. Furthermore, to save transportation costs and for environmental reasons, the feather lamp is made flat and comes in equally flat and exclusive gift-boxes and all you have to do is pull it up and hang it as a pendant. The feathers are treated with fire-resistant materials and you can put in any 60W light bulb or equivalent as you wish. To keep the feathers clean – you simply blow it with a hair-dryer once a year as it doesn't attract dust at all. The VITA dos come in different sizes from D25, D35, D50, D75 to D110 cm. The flexibility of the lamp allows it to be used upside-down on a table- or floor stand with the same beautiful expression.

What comes across as the most appealing parts of this product – is the light! It is soft, and different from any angle and it is a lamp you always want to touch. Not many products have that capacity.

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