View is a linear LED pendant luminaire that integrates minimalist design and architectural materials with superior optical and energy performance. Featuring second-generation anidolic extraction with low brightness and excellent efficacy, View’s vertically oriented optics result in a complete absence of glare.

Designed to transcend conventional fixtures and take lighting into a truly new direction, View’s long life mid-flux LED system is optically and thermally designed and TMZI verified to maintain 90% of initial lumen output for more than 60,000 operating hours (L90 > 60,000 h).

View can be installed as individual lights or connected to create continuous linear runs without limitation. Finishes include clear anodized aluminum or any custom RAL. Its architectural grade extruded aluminum rails, joints and endcaps are precision machined for perfect fit. The agnostic driver design allows simple integration with any sensor, lighting control or building energy management system.

The transparency of its lens truly changes the paradigm, delivering a luminaire that merges cutting edge technology with design, and transforms the way light is delivered to architecture.

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