Tesa, in Italian, is a term with different meanings.
“Tesa” is the protruding part of the hats, in English called “brim”, due to the particular shape of the lamp.
But “Tesa” also means “tense”, referring to the intrinsic tension of this object, which is the principle around which the whole project revolves.
this lamp, in fact, is made of three different laser-cut metal structures, kept in shape and in tension by the LED modules, which become themselves structural and vital elements.
Without light, nothing would exist, without light, Tesa could not exist.
The electricity, in low voltage, gives life to the LED modules through the metal structure of the lamp.
The cables, which carry the current, are individually adjustable, allowing the different inclination of the lamp, which can thus be installed with different inclinations adapting to the personal taste or the needs of the room.
Tesa is currently available in different galvanic finishes: chrome, copper and black nickel.

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