Recessed ceiling lamp SLAVA CLEAR, designed by Kirill Koval in 2015. Small-sized lighting fixture is intended for basic lighting. Due to the three-axis joint the lighting fixture can be used also as an accent light source. The main idea is to make this lamp as invisible as possible. When turned off it nearly merges with the ceiling, but when switched on it shows itself giving concentrated light. This effect is provided due to the special temperature-indicating paint that becomes transparent after it is heated up to the certain temperature. The lamp body is made of plexiglass and is coated inside with temperature-indicating paint. Energized LEDs emit heat, warm up plastic and the paint gets 100% transparent. After the lighting fixture is turned off coating of the plastic becomes white and dense again. Thus an aesthetic issue dealing with ceiling look is solved: when turned off SLAVA CLEAR looks as an integral part of the ceiling.

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