Let there be light: SimiLED from luxuni revolutionises the traditional idea of lighting. Our idea of lighting is still heavily influenced by the traditional lightbulb, which accompanied us for so many years. Yet LED technology in particular is constantly opening up new possibilities for innovative lighting concepts. The pendant luminaire SimiLED from luxuni is an example of revolutionary light design.

Thin as a sheet of paper

What about the idea that lights need a lot of space? Not the SimiLED: This innovative light is unbelievably thin, measuring scarcely 7.9 mm. This is made possible by LED technology, which neither produces heat nor requires a lot of space. The light is reflected via super-fine reflective matrix dots, thus creating a glare-free light source for pleasant and uniform lighting. The design is attractive, streamlined and elegant, and the anodised surface of the silver aluminium housing blends harmoniously into any living space.

Low energy consumption, pleasant light

SimiLED has low energy consumption with just 45 Watt and a bright light with a light intensity of 3,150 lm. The light colour of 3,000 K creates a pleasant brightness. The LED can also be dimmed to 1-10 V or DALI.
Let there be light. Innovative, elegant and illuminating in the truest sense of the word – SimiLED from luxuni is a real enhancement to any living space.

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