A high watt pendant! With 154 watt maximum capacity per luminaire top, the completely redesigned pendant projector RALITE II can now replace all existing systems with high pressure discharge lamps up to 1,000 watt. Its high-performance COB LED technology in the form of a patented, replaceable LED plug connection system forms the basis for this performance and saving potential . The different versions (1 to 3 lamps) and service packages of the pendant projector enable spot-on and safe light planning; the assembly without tools and convenient single-point suspension also render installation very simple. The top quality and replaceable components are stringently designed for sturdiness and durability. RALITE’s luminaire body is eye-catching and passively cooling at the same time: The markedly prominent cooling ribs are vertically oriented on purpose, which minimises deposits of dust and dirt and ensures constant heat dissipation during the entire service life.

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