PHAROS is a LED pendant luminaire which achieves a unique symbiosis between material and form, which allows something intriguing new to arise. It is a structure made of glowing light filaments whose links form an organic diamant mesh. From the perspective of the designer this luminaire enters aesthetically uncharted territory between longing for sea breeze and protection in the modern age. It is the contrast between the two different materials, wooden frame and polyurethane luminaire body, which grants this pendant luminaire a clear style and simultaneously imparts a harmonious overall impression with high usability. The striking uniformity of light in combination with the curved filigree light lines make PHAROS an interesting design object. The wooden frame is made of smoked, brushed and oiled natural oak and gives the floating light object the necessary support. The cable routing is enhanced by a sheath of natural cotton. PHAROS creates a homely and cozy atmosphere and is an appealing and unique lighting object in residential, shop, hospitality or exhibition areas.

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