Expanding a boundary of designing is where our passion began. We place an importance on not only designs, but also materials and processes in creating products with unique identity. PENTA Collection, we selected a natural-fiber, consists mainly of cassava and bamboo, as the material. Ideas of shape and structure are inspired by a cassava flower, which has a pentagon shape when it is in full bloom. Angles and patterns are deliberately designed to best show a translucent effect of the material through different shades within modular, allowing you to see bamboo texture within cassava layer, yet rigid like plywood. Each piece is then assembled together using pure water as a natural adhesive. Despite non-chemical substance, each modular is firmly adhered, just like when you affix a postage stamp on an envelope. PENTA is then coated with organic substance to protect it from humidity and dust. To clean PENTA, use slightly wet cloth or dust it with small brush. PENTA is light in weight giving great advantage to ceiling structure. Our indoor pendant has more than 5 years of lifetime and will 100% decomposed when it is landfilled, as it needs the right condition of oxygen and water.

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