It integrates the lighting and air clean function. To design with four layer filters to offer high efficiency air clean performance: 1.) First layer: PET filter, capture larger particles. 2.) Second layer: High performance activated carbon, absorb odors. 3.) Third layer: LumiClean patented technology, apply newly nano-composite material to clean up bacterial, virus, formaldehyde, and harmful substances to purify indoor air. 4.) Fourth layer: PET filter, purify the air again. LumiClean air purifying technology is different from traditional air clean machine as one particle filter. To purify the indoor air three times in one hour (3m³). It applies the newest nano material with national laboratories testify the antibacterial, antivirus, clean-up formaldehyde effect. New nanocomposite material pass FDA and MicroBac antivirus test which testify the material could decompose H1N1 and Enterovirus. Also, SGS certified over 99% sterilization rate of Staphylococcus aurous and Escherichia coli, and the mildew level is zero, no mildew alive. Also, the nano material could clean up formaldehyde/TVOC by oxidizing into H2O to purify air quality and reduce formaldehyde damage. With patented airflow

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