Opus LED is designed to suit modular grid used in most of the modern office spaces. Opus is inspired from circular form which is widely used as architectural element. It also bring subtle contrast in the ceiling with square grid tile placed across. Opus has designed with fine aesthetics with best in class LED technology to deliver excellent performance. Spherical diffuser in center with floating light effect gives the pleasant surprise to the users. Indirect light chamber gives subtle ambient light and more volumetric light. LED used are designed to work for 50000 hrs with uniform light distribution. Opus is also designed to be compatible with Daylight and occupancy sensor to reduce effective power consumption. Product is available in warm as well as cool white color. Opus circular trim color can be customized as per furniture color scheme which make it more inclusive with office interiors. Material used in product is completely recyclable and biodegradable to ensure no harmful effect on environment. Opus is flexible design solution which can be customized as per specific need of users with contemporary aesthetics and excellent performance.

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