Active and dynamic environments require fixtures that accommodate. Introducing Mute – a playful sound dampening fixture designed to brighten interactive environments and encourage collaboration. This large format pendant is comprised of twelve rigid, yet soft-to-the-touch acoustic panels available in three distinct colours. These acoustic panels are made out of polyester sourced from recycled bottles (at least 50%) and do not use any adhesives or other bonding agents making them recyclable. Mute is ideal for reducing reverberated noise and controlling the echo of background sounds. The acoustic material has a NRC of 0.75 and the luminaire was independently tested and achieved the impressive result of 6.07 sabins per unit at 250Hz (1/3 Octave Band Center Frequency). Mute is easy to install and adjust as each panels are snapped in place around the central core. It features a 24W custom LED light engine available in 3000k or 4000k with a standard dimming driver. The luminaire generates a soft diffused light that is both inviting and appealing to all senses. Simply put, Mute smartly combines large scale down light with sound absorbing qualities in a playful and contemporary package.

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