Elegant and refined design combined with precise optics: the round, filigree aluminum profile of LYRA has a diameter of only 20 mm. Endless applications open up through the use of three different round covers in clear, diffuse and opal for soft light lines and three linear optics with 10°, 30° and 60° for precise light control. In addition, it is usable as a pendant; surface mounted or cove lighting solution depending on the choice of accessories. LYRA corresponds to protection class IP40 and is available in black and silver profile colors. It can be swiveled by almost 360° and finds its place for example in the architectural and cove lighting, where the 10° lens can be used for optimum wall grazing. The 30° and 60° lenses offer wide and deep light distributions for decorative lighting. Another application is as an individual luminaire for product displays in the retail sector. Here the opal round cover can be used for an even illumination of the display, in which the luminaire is in the background and the product is brought into focus.

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