Minimalistic aluminum luminaire, available in different lengths, for Luxsystem LED-illuminant with different photometric properties.
The Luxtronic LED driver communicates via a specially developed socket with the intelligent light source, so that all advantageous properties of the LED are utilized. It ensures a future supply of the same color temperatur and brightness. The color temperature can be adjusted continuously from 2700 to 5000 K.
This luminaire with the movable connector system makes long slim seamless light in continuous form possible and is particularly suitable for the application where the luminaires are visible.
The Luxsystem LED-light source is equipped with both
warm and cold white LED, which can be controlled separately
(Tunable White). They also have a processor on board on
which the respective data (chromaticity and efficiency) of the
assembled LED is stored individually.
A Luxtronic 4-channel LED-driver operates inside the
SL 20.2 LED, communicates with the light source. It monitors
the current temperature and computes the relevant data for each
operating condition.

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