TheLuna series is an LED fixture, which design as a full moon inspiration. The lamp is to reach the latest AC module technology – driver onto the LED board and with the feature of low flicker. The Luna series, eliminates the need for drivers, taking LED lighting to the next generation in aesthetic design. Without the restriction of the external driver, the design of the Luna series becomes thinner and exquisite. Taking away the capacitor inside the light, also means a better reliabilty of the product. Other than the former characteristics, the lamp cover with the curved surface is designed to make the light spread smoothly, meanwhile enhancing the atmosphere of the space. Last but not least, the Luna series is dimmable with the Triac system, providing a smooth and uniform dimming effect perfect for home lighting. Appearance-wise, the design is available in both wall light and pendant light type. Users can choose the type that meets their preferences: Mika, Vinci, or April, in wall light version with different-shape accessories on the lights. The Luna pendant light, on the other hand, due to its sleek and optics design, makes the light spreading uniformly to variable space.

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