Clear design meets high lighting quality

Based on its clear design, LINCOR creates an axis across the office. By focussing on technical essentials, with a cross-sectional area of just 6 x 6 centimetres, the luminaire emphasises architectural features and blends seamlessly into various settings. Arranged as a double-length light line or a continuous-row system, it is an expression of maximum linearity. The microprisms of the luminance-reducing optic (LRO) reduce harsh shadows in task areas and annoying reflections on screens. The indirect component of LINCOR creates a pleasant atmosphere. Thanks to the close collaboration of lighting engineers and designers, the indirect light component can now be directed upwards to optimum effect despite minimum space available. By way of a continuous light conductor, it is uniformly emitted from the luminaire and distributed on the ceiling. The surface-mounted version of LINCOR is the perfect solution for offices with low ceilings.

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