The Lightswing An innovative mounting system for lamps Mounting or moving a ceiling lamp is a tedious job. And no matter how careful you are, often the result is disappointing. The Lightswing is the answer to this problem. Once installed, the Lightswing makes every lamp easy movable. Simply by sliding and turning the Lightswing moves your lamp exactly where you want it. Without causing any damage. And you get rid of ugly drilling holes, loose wires and ducts. How does the Lightswing work? The Lightswing is a patented Dutch invention, that is easily mounted over your ceiling connection point. You connect your lamp to the Lightswing’s quick release. When done, you can move your lamp freely and easiliy to any place in a 1,6 meter diameter. The Lightswing is available in different materials, colors and designs. The design is suitable for all hanging lamps on a single wire, or a single supporting wire.

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