The basic form of the distinctive luminaire head with lateral light emission clearly reminds us of an open book. but the luminairs of the LIGHT BOOK family are far more flexible than their bound models. The two LED modules, located behind an acrylic prism, can be rotated independently by 360°. The resulting lighting effects are decorative as well as practical: Depending on the orientation of the luminaire body, the direct or indirect light portion can be defined individually.

The LIGHT BOOK luminaire family consists of the following application-specific products: A wall luminaire, a decorative table and floor luminaire, a pendant luminaire, and a floor or side luminaire. The front-mounted button allows the light portions of the two LED modules to be switched and dimmed individually. The pendant luminaire features gesture control and can be switched and dimmed without any touching or contact.

The LIGHT BOOK floor and table luminaires feature the integrated sleep-tight function which allows a particularly comfortable turning off mode: When activated, the light dims down automatically and turns off completely after 2 minutes.

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