Brings light to your home: The LED luminaire Romeo from luxuni features an attractive, streamlined and functional design. The days of the traditional lightbulb are numbered. Instead, the new, energy-saving LED technology is taking over the world. You can see how well this technology blends into new lighting concepts and light designs by looking at the LED surface-mounted luminaire Romeo from luxuni on Red Dot 21.

Ready for new functions

With its compelling and reduced design, the Romeo light is timelessly elegant. Its premium aluminium housing makes it possible to incorporate numerous additional functions: From a motion sensor to a dimmer switch or an emergency light to the coupling of different lights using a retrofit master-slave module, the possibilities are endless. This very robust light is suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Even light and low energy consumption

The LED light module offers even light distribution with a light intensity of 1,050 lm and just 15 W energy consumption. At 3,000 K, the colour rendering is excellent and is very pleasant even in living spaces. The light can be dimmed to 1-10 V as required. Assembly is easy, as Romeo is made up of just two individual parts.

A timeless light with lots of potential uses

The LED luminaire Romeo from luxuni submerses both indoor and outdoor spaces in a pleasant light and can be fitted with numerous additional functions thanks to the shape of its housing. Order this high-quality LED light for even and energy-saving lighting now.

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