It is about thousand years since Jingdezhen founded, skills of traditional craftsmen inherited from general to general. The skills of “eggshell porcelain” definitely could be one of the leaders. Thanks to its translucency, our design comes true. The most difficult challenge is carving patterns on the porcelain panel. Traditional porcelain carving on the façade cannot achieve the effect which designer expected: the porcelain lamp is an elegance ornaments during the day, when turn on it in the night, light through the eggshell porcelain gives a dim and peaceful atmosphere. A bold innovation created, carving on the back, which we can be very proud to say that this is entirely new technology explored by our designer and craftsmen via many trials. During this process, the mud of porcelain plate needs to upside down, mat burn and other complicated and high failure rate operations. The form of lamp is round, in chinese means good, satisfactory. The pattern is inspired by chinese ink landscape painting, represented feelings of Chinese which take shapesince ancient times in modern form. Hoping this lamp can convey to the world best wishes from the oriental ancient country.

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