The extra-slim LED surface-mounted luminaire Julia from luxuni will brighten up your home with an elegant and even light. LED technology opens up new possibilities for lamp design. Unlike traditional lightbulbs, there is no need to consider heat radiation or the shape of the bulb. You can see just how tasteful the “new” lights can look thanks to LED technology.

Streamlined and elegant

The first thing you will notice about the Julia light is its extremely slender shape. Although it is a pure surface-mounted luminaire, it only measures 25 mm even at its thickest point. Its shape is elegantly curved and fits harmoniously into a modern room design. The LED light module also allows for even light distribution.

Pleasant light for your home

The LED surface-mounted luminaire Julia has a pleasant light colour of 3,000 K that submerses the room in a cosy light of 1,050 lm brightness. With energy consumption of just 15 Watt, it is also particularly energy saving. And if the full lighting power is ever too strong, Julia can be dimmed to 1-10 V. Assembly is also very simple. Because the light is made up of just two individual parts, it can be assembled very quickly.

Let there be light

The extra-slim, energy-saving LED light Julia from luxuni with even light distribution shows how new technology can enrich our everyday lives. The light won a Red Dot in 2015 for its unique combination of elegant design and innovative LED technology. You can order the elegantly curved surface-mounted luminaire now at our partners.

LED 15W (Diameter 300mm)
LED 20W (Diameter 400mm)
LED 25W (Diameter 500mm)
LED 30W (Diameter 600mm)

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