The result of ambitious craftsmanship and technological innovation, Iris is the perfect illusion of a soap bubble. In keeping with designer Sebastian Scherer’s inspiration of children blowing bubbles, the starting point of each Iris pendant light is a mouth blown glass globe. A dichroic coating is applied to each piece using a technique developed especially for this project. Before Iris, dichroic coating was only possible on flat or slightly curved surfaces. The development process to achieve the perfect, iridescent coating of a sphere took nearly two years of research and experimentation. As with a real soap bubble, colours, transmission and reflection change depending on perspective and lighting situation. Iris reflects its surroundings in various colours causing object and space to seemingly be in constant transition. An OLED module provides both Iris’ light source and mount. The extremely thin framework of the fixture ensures that the design is not compromised. A dimmable OLED panel creates a soft, unfocussed light and offers an output of up to 300 lumen.

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