IKEA PS 2014 Pendant lamp

Inspiration for IKEA products can come from anywhere, even a designer’s personal interests. In the case of the IKEA PS Pendant Lamp, it came from the imagination of designer David Wahl, who has always been a huge fan of science fiction movies and video games.

When looking at the lamp, it’s not hard to see the resemblance to a spaceship or an intelligent space weapon. The design has made the IKEA PS Pendant Lamp extra popular with science fiction fans of all ages, while others just see a beautiful and unique lamp.

Pulling the strings changes the form of the lamp, as well as the mood of the light. It’s like a manual dimmer. The inside of the blades are shiny, reflecting its colour and intensifying the light inside the lamp. When it’s closed, only a small amount of light finds its way out, and when fully open, the light flows out and creates beautiful shadows on the walls.

The IKEA PS pendant lamp is easy to assemble, and no tools are required. Just click the pieces together and the lamp is ready to float up high in the ceiling.

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