Inspired by Buster + Punch’s love for solid metals and muted London tones, HOOKED 6.0 is an industrially designed chandelier made up of several pendants, each with its own hook. The knurled light fittings are finished in solid metal with matte black detailing and are available in Steel, Brass and Smoked Bronze finishes. HOOKED 6.0 comes “nude” or with a mix of two sizes of light shades – fabricated from 2mm rolled steel, finished in Graphite or Stone powder coating and fastened into shape with clever hardware. The hooks allow various configurations. The expressive chandelier can also be customized by reinstalling the hooks into the ceiling in random locations, swaging the pendants out. HOOKED is illuminated with Buster + Punch’s PUNCH Bulbs (PUCK) and LED BUSTER Bulbs.

The PUNCH Bulb, a miniature ‘puck-shaped’ LED within an opal glass shell and signature LED BUSTER Bulbs are exposed as part of the design. The bulb designs perform two incredible functions: a focused spotlight to illuminate surfaces below and a warm ambient glow to light the space. Both energy efficient bulbs are available in 5W dimmable or 2.5W non-dimmable, and consume just 1/50th the energy of traditional bulbs

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