The EUGENIUS ART lamp series was created for professionals who do not know the word “compromise”. This unique line consists of luminaries 3 and 20 mm high; suspended ceiling and wall mounted lights 72, 90 and 155 mm high. All of the above in lengths in modules of 9, 18, 27 cm; in 34, 60, 90, 120 and 150 cm. Furthermore you can choose form lamp interiors with glass covered or exposed, visible, light sources. Lamp interiors can be finished with paint, chrome or brass. The series is composed of luminaries for wide range of light sources and integrated LEDs. The line we present is focused on giving the freedom to light any room in uniform, elegant and harmonious style. That is why our offer is so wide and yet full details. Products in presented series are a merge of light and style captured with fastidious attention to detail. Each lamp is born form the same aluminium profile. Cut and welded form the outside to ensure ideally smooth and consistent edge; powder coated to give a distinct texture. Individual production process ensures highest quality. This variety of products enables customers to choose lighting which will give a distinctive, individual underlining to any room.

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