Famoos elamina is a comprehensive concept for a long lasting and trend-setting luminaire. A visionary luminaire unit, its inspiring design and innovative technology stand for a new kind of light. The organically formed lighting modules seemingly float in the room. The modularity allows for the lighting units to be taken off and moved at any time, allowing modifications on both the wall and the pendant luminaire. What is more, intelligent details such as an adjustable textile cable and flexible mounting options allow for a fast and variable installation. Made from robust materials, with high quality LED technology and an environmentally friendly, scratchproof, powder-coated finish, FAMOOS elamina will let you enjoy a long lasting new light experience. Hidden cables and innovative magnetic fixings set new standards in the lighting sector. The universally applicable modular dimmer allows an intuitive regulation of brightness and switching on and off. With the wall-mounted elamina, the latter is also possible by pressing the canopy.

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