Dynamic duet In the complex teachings of Feng Shui, Chi describes life’s invisible energy source. This energy flows through our surroundings, as well as through every living being and through every cell. According to these teachings, light, in particular, has a central influence on the well-being of every individual. The aim is to use it to benefit mankind. The Econe ceiling and pendant lighting system is a light source that can change dynamically to adapt to individual moods and needs. The lucid basic design concept aims to divide two light spaces, but then to re-unite them to form a whole. Econe combines a large, pleasant white light surface with a frame of active coloured light. The clearly defined shape of the frame makes this innovative lighting system appear technological, but also gives it the appearance of a real object. The two light systems join together, like in a duet, and create a harmonious atmosphere. The optical light sources used in Econe are designed to be glare-free. This makes them, as well as their soft reflections and subtle shadows, impressive in any room. Econe is versatile and can be used in a number of different ways. The pendant lamp, for example, has a steel cable suspension which can be extended to three metres. This ceiling and pendant lighting system was primarily designed for commercial and office use. It opens up new horizons for a pleasant work environment and makes it possible to create exciting effects in a building.

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