Ideal for the illumination of reception rooms: the fine structure of the DOPPIO ELLIPSE is floating elegantly in the room. This luminaire develops its special attraction when mounted to the ceiling almost invisibly with thin current-carrying steel cables.
The elliptical design is specifically suitable for reception rooms, foyers, or conference areas. Of course, the elliptical shape of the luminaires, which measure up to 275 cm in length and 103 cm in
width, can also be used to perfectly illuminate oblong dining or conference tables. In total, SATTLER offers three sizes (1550 mm x 775 mm, 2200 mm x 910 mm and 2750mm x 1030 mm), which allow to set creative accents in flexible combinations.
The DOPPIO ELLIPSE is available also with indirect light to brighten the ceiling as well as with RGB LED for additional light effects. Additionally there is a wide range of different surfaces available, so that you are able to choose the right one for your luminaire, so that it is suitable to the wished room atmosphere. This exquisite luminaire is manufactured from an aluminium profile, merely 20 mm in height, and a diffuser.

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