Inspired by a dollop of cream cascading gently off a spoon, this pendant light is asymmetric but perfectly balanced.

Made from ceramic earthenware via a slip-casting process, it is a sensual piece with heirloom quality.

The warm white, low wattage, long-lasting LED lightsource (7W, 30,000hrs) is hidden from direct line of sight at the top of shade.

The intensely bright, directional light is reflected down the glazed internal walls of the shade to softly illuminate the space below.

The piece is a study of contrasts – raw matt exterior, glossy interior; slender at the top, voluminous at the bottom; soft in appearance, yet hard to the touch.

It can be easily re-orientated by lifting, turning and lowering again on to the electrical fitting, and they hang well in pairs – seeming to talk to each other.

Winner of the Commercial Award at "The Edge" in Feb 2013, runner-up at Launchpad in June and winner of the Delight in Light competition in London in September, 2013.

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