The Daisy pendant light was inspired by the OSRAM DULUX PRO CIRCOLUX fluorescent bulb, a product that the designer Roman Kovar considers exceptional in its shape and construction. The design of Daisy is based on simple, appealing forms, accessible material and customer-friendly assembly. The lampshade is made entirely of certified polypropylene sheet that is both durable and available in many colours and with various transparency effects. The aim of the design was to create the simplest construction with no ribs, rivets or other fasteners. This goal was achieved by a set of elegantly shaped locks necessary for the assembly of the shade. A customer buys the lamp unassembled (this is key for reducing storage and transportation costs) and easily assembles it at home with no need for additional materials or tools. Both the material and the technology are ideal for larger production. The Daisy Big pendant light was inspired by the previously designed Daisy pendant light. Daisy Big differs from Daisy not only in size but also in that it allows the use of almost any compact fluorescent or LED bulb as the light source.

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