Crisp is a contemporary option for a flush-mounted light of up to 700 lumens, molded from solid glass and fit for installation in the ceiling or wall. Knowing that our solution could involve as few as two custom made parts, we invested in tooling for one sculpted solid-glass lens and one nearly invisible aluminum heat sink. The resulting design is hefty, durable, and lacks any extraneous parts. As an added benefit of its closed design, Crisp is also damp-rated for outdoor use. Its grooved front face, which brings to mind the ruffles of a potato crisp, serves to cast light over a more expansive area and add a subtle texture to interiors. In 2007, RBW began to design, engineer and manufacture their own products, which today continue to break new ground in both lighting technology and form. Through relentless experimentation and close proximity to their own production methods, they have pioneered the use of LEDs in contemporary design, fine-tuning its aesthetic qualities to bring warmth to everyday life. RBW’s solutions are as beautiful as they are innovative. The results are intelligent and iconic, simple yet expressive.

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