Boom is a new series of LED chandeliers with explosive forms made from and inspired by destroyed buildings. Designed by RUX, a multidisciplinary design firm based in New York City, Boom features cast-brass joints and linear wooden bulbs to create forms of exploding light, and is available in two configurations – Single Boom (which comes in three sizes: Little, Middle & Big) and Double Boom – in polished brass and custom finishes.

The expressive form of Boom is achieved with minimal elements. At the center of the fixture is a singularity of cast-brass joints, elegantly curved to dramatically reflect the geometry of the fixture. Linear wooden bulbs – the essence of all Stickbulb designs – in varying lengths cantilever from the brass core, each one emitting a line of even light in a different direction. The result is an explosion of richly textured wood that casts dynamic patterns of light and shadow.

Boom is presented in a new wood type, Water Tower Redwood, which is sourced from dismantled water towers in New York City.

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