ARVA stands for universal lighting solutions. This immaculately designed range of lights is truly impressive with its seemingly infinite flexibility for the most diverse of lighting tasks. Designed to specifically meet the spatial demands of a room, the fantastic lighting aesthetics of these pendant and mounted light fittings do not fail to wow. Greater impact ARVA pendant lights and add-on elements with lens optics are truly impressive with this precise light distribution and complete non-glare quality. Whether at home, in a restaurant or club lounge, ARVA with lens optics and best lighting quality (CRI 95) brings the essentials into focus. Greater feeling of space “Perfect lighting gives rooms more room.” The compactly arranged pendant lights, without any distracting elements, really impress with their pleasant direct (80%)/indirect (20%) distribution of light. Together with the universally applicable mounting lights, AVRA is the successful combination of the greatest lighting comfort and the lowest possible use of energy.

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