Apex is a versatile design that enables the lighting to be integrated into the architecture in a multitude of ways or it can serve as an exciting focal point to the overall design. Like a beehive, each cell, lens or filler section is a powerful and precise element that, when joined together, creates something that is greater than the sum of its parts. The core of Apex is a powerful, general illumination linear system that uses a tiny and recessed aperture (12mm) to create a functional, yet extremely discreet, illumination. The linear system includes a micro-baffle, a linear lens and infill panels of varying lengths to create any combination a client desires. The optics are custom designed for the Apex and include a black micro-baffle that is paired with a very small TIR lens, to create an extremely sharp cut-off ambient illumination of 55° beam angle or a more focussed 22° beam angle. This cell-lens combination provides a unique experience where the illumination seems invisible until the moment one enters the beam of light. Additionally, Apex is offered with a co-extruded micro-prismatic lens with an integrated reflector to maximize efficacy despite the tiny aperture.

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