Ameluna is the outcome of research undertaken by Artemide in the field of biomimetics. Translucent creatures from the underwater world were the inspiration for this light. Ameluna does not have a central light source and thus generates mystical atmospheric lighting.
The body of the light is a 800 mm circle characterised by a dynamic curve that depends on the angle from which it is viewed. The interplay of its circular form and asymmetrical volume generates emotional tension. Hanging from three extremely thin wires, this transparent acrylic light seems simply to float in the room.
The transparent aluminium strip at the bottom contains 288 LEDs. The light illuminates downwards with a power of 44 watts, while simultaneously being dispersed through its transparent body. In the high-end version, the dimmable pendant light is available with an extra 8W RGBW spot to produce a customised coloured lighting mood.
Ameluna can be controlled using a specially developed app that allows it to interact with your environment by incorporating the lighting ambiance of the new Mercedes E-Class and replicating it in every room.

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